Our Story

It all started in 2014, when Geoffrey Yang, a tech worker in the bay area, pondered on the phenomenon that whilst cars and buildings had been quickly embracing the “high technologies” with many high-tech features, clothes had been largely ignoring the high-tech revolution, and actually, clothes hadn’t changed much for the past several thousand years in terms of function. Geoffrey decided to do something to “modernize” clothes.  He envisioned future clothes not just as layers of fabrics that protect people against the elements of nature and make people look good, but also as a platform for personal computing and telecommunication with its own CPU, controllers, sensors, and power, as well as an intelligent layer around people’s body providing amenities and health care functions. Geoffrey filed a patent built around this idea. The patent is currently pending.
In mid 2015, Geoffrey shared the thought with Sonny Yang, Geoffrey’s brother, a veteran in textile and apparel industry with 25 years experience. The idea struck a chord with Sonny. The two set out to turn the idea into products. They conducted market research, went to trade fairs and visited factories and suppliers. They were able to get two factories in China to collaborate with them.They brainstormed on the features and designs and created tech pack and spec sheet for the factories. Sonny traveled to China to direct the factories to produce the prototypes. They reviewed and tested the prototypes and looked for issues, and then they started another round of the same process again. After several such iterations, they got quite frustrated as their seemingly great ideas were often invalidated by the constraints of the real world. But as Laozi famously said, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, they understood that no matter how hard it is, they had to take the first step. They pressed on. Eventually they settled on the current design and produced a line of prototypes.
They decided to use crowdfunding campaign to introduce their work to people and to raise fund for future R&D.