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Key Features

Smartphones are often damaged due to dropping. To address this problem, we offer a built-in retractable phone case in the sleeve pocket for the outerwear jackets in GearUp line,

and a clip-on strap on the sleeve and a special phone case for light jackets in GearUp line.

This feature not only prevents accidental dropping of the phone but also enables people to operate phones with single hand, which is a big convenience in many scenarios.
Following this thinking, we further add a built-in Bluetooth receiver and a pair retractable earbuds to make operating phones even more convenient.

Now you can quickly pick-up your call without fumbling for phones or earphones.
We can’t not notice the many wearable devices on the current market, so we add a built-in activity tracker on GearUp jackets. They can monitor and track fitness-related metrics and connect to your smartphone wirelessly.

GearUp jackets also have a built-in flashing armband to make your walking or biking at night safer.

With these electronic devices attached to your body for an extended period of time, some people may be concerned about the electromagnetic radiation coming out of them. We provide an optional EMF layer to protect your body from the electromagnetic radiation.  We also purposely place these devices far away from your head to reduce the radiation to your head.

By the way, we have a RFID blocking pocket where you can keep your credit cards safely from RFID skimming.

Given that there are so many electronic devices in your jackets, charging them could be a little hassle. Don’t worry, GearUp jackets have a built-in charging network that gives you the option to charge all of the device from a single point.

The built-in electronic devices and the EMF protection layers are easy to detach from the jackets for cleaning and maintenance.


Other Features

Waterproof Breathable Performance fabric as the shell fabric of Men's Softshell, Men's and Women's Outdoor Jackets and Light Hoodies

DWR fabric as the shell fabric of Men's Bomber and Women's Activewear

Waterproof zippers for all styles

Armpit Ventilation Mesh for Men and Women's Outdoor Jackets

Up to 15 Pockets

Product Line

Men's GearUp 3 In 1 Waterproof Breathable Outdoor Jacket

Men's GearUp Waterproof Breathable Softshell

Men's GearUp DWR Bomber

Men's GearUp Light Waterproof Breathable Hoody

Women's GearUp 3 In 1 Waterproof Breathable Outdoor Jacket

Women's GearUp Light Waterproof Breathable Hoody

Women's GearUp Activewears